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Why Stand?

We need you to lead the change!

Put yourself forward to stand for election by 5 February. By becoming a Student Officer you will:

You’ll have the privilege of listening to the views of all the students at Queen’s and representing them to the University, your community, in your city, and in government to make real changes that have a real impact on their lives.

In your role as leader of your Students' Union and a member of the Executive Management Committee and Management Board you’ll not only gain invaluable insight into how the organisation works, you’ll also make real decisions that shape its future.

No matter which role you go for, you'll meet loads of people and gain lots of experience including: chairing meetings, leading campaigns, managing budgets, communicating and team working.

Plus, before you take up your position you'll get training in areas like: public speaking, people management, event organisation and the art of negotiation. This expertise is for life.

Leading the Union and working with dedicated and professional staff members will increase your commercial awareness and help you to boost your skills and your CV – employers will be really impressed… dream job here you come.

You’ll work with student representatives from other Unions across NI, GB and ROI and be part of a massive student movement to lead the change that matters.

You really can make the changes that matters to students at Queen's and make a positive impact on their lives. You have access to the decision-makers in the University, City, and Government - you also have the power to get matters on the agenda and the University has to listen to you!

One minute you could be lobbying MPs and the next you could be accompanying a student to talk to the University about a problem with their course. There's no other role in which you'll gain so many diverse skills in so little time.

You'll have the power and access to the people who can implement the changes you believe in and want to make happen.

As a Full Time Student Officer, you'll receive £18,000 over the 12 months with 42 days' holiday, in addition to all the Statutory and University holidays. The role starts on 1 July, 2020 and ends on 30 June, 2021.

Even if you're not successful, running in the Student Leader Elections is still a great opportunity. Not only does it look great on your CV, but you also get great experience managing budgets, being creative, showing determination, working to deadlines and running a campaign.