The Results

The Results - Meet Your 2021-22 Student Reps

We are delighted to announce the results of our autumn 2021 Student Rep elections.

You Student Reps will represent you and your 25,000+ fellow students, make the changes that matter to you and will lead the Union.

Your Full-Time Student Officer Postgraduate

Your Part-Time Student Officers

Your Undergraduate School Representatives

  • Rowan Fitton, School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics (SHAPP)
  • Rachel Hasson, School of Arts, English and Languages (SAEL)

Your Postgraduate School Representatives

  • Ashly Cronin McCartneySchool of Biological Sciences (SBIO), School of Biological Sciences (SBIO)
  • Karthik Ravichandran, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (SCHEM)
  • Akshay Tyagaraj, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS)
  • Jamie Lukas Campbell, School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics (SHAPP)
  • Suhani Puneet Abrol, School of Law (SLAW)
  • Matthew Charlwood, School of Mathematics & Physics (SMP)
  • Abhinav Dacha, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (SMAE)
  • Sneha Renukamurthy, School of Natural and Built Environment (SNBE)
  • Gulnahar Begum, Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW)

Your Student Councillors

  • Jie Fang, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Yasmin Gorman, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Ryley Lopushinsky, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Jenny Steele, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Bryony Tunney, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Jess Crisp, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Ryan McGuigan, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Matthew Taylor, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Emma Buckley, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Miah Lynch, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Eimear Willett, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Rachel Hasson, AHSS Representative (Undergraduate) [R]
  • Tiarnan Smyth, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Caoimhe OHare, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Alina MacKenzie, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Ryan Rogan, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Huda Al Baqali, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Joseph Scott, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Rebecca Smyth, EPS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Jacob Kyle, MHLS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Rebekah Carton, MHLS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Kit Penlington, MHLS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Gitanjali Poobalan, MHLS Representative (Undergraduate)
  • Matthew Charlwood, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Jamie Lukas Campbell, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Vidyashree Hiremath ., Postgraduate Representative
  • Nouman Qadir, Postgraduate Representative
  • Becca Stuttard, Postgraduate Representative
  • Owain Phillips, Postgraduate Representative
  • Beatrice Titcombe, Postgraduate Representative
  • Brendan Loughran, Postgraduate Representative
  • Matthew McCallion, Postgraduate Representative
  • Thea Mawhinney, Postgraduate Representative
  • Hannah Weir, Postgraduate Representative
  • Ashly Cronin McCartney, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Gulnahar Begum, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Lauren Mallon, Postgraduate Representative
  • Sushmitha Balesh, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Karthik Ravichandran, Postgraduate Representative [R]
  • Jack Powell, Postgraduate Representative
  • Samit Raj Shilakar, Postgraduate Representative
  • Molly Quinn, All Student Representative
  • Rowan Fitton, All Student Representative [R]
  • Jay Radcliffe, All Student Representative
  • Suhani Puneet Abrol, All Student Representative [R]
  • Astrid Rudjord, All Student Representative
  • Daniel Neill, All First Year Representative
  • Rachel Toner, All First Year Representative
  • Adam Wilson, All First Year Representative
  • Naomi Tully, All First Year Representative
  • Kelan O'Kane, All First Year Representative
  • Sneha Renukamurthy, International Student Representative (including INTO) [R]
  • Ci Wen Chung, International Student Representative (including INTO)
  • Dariya Mariya Petryshyn, International Student Representative (including INTO)
  • Daniel Orjuela Vargas, International Student Representative (including INTO)
  • Aida Kamilia Binti Roslan, International Student Representative (including INTO)
  • Jie Fang, Queen's Accommodation [R]
  • Naomi Tully, Queen's Accommodation [R]
  • Matthew McCallion, Queen's Accommodation [R]

Candidates marked with an “R” have been elected to more than one position on Council. A student may only old one position on Council. The candidates marked with an “R” are deemed to have resigned from that position as they already have a vote on the Council.

Election Results

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